• The Fall 2019 NALC-LA Show & Trials will be September 27-29.

    The PRE-ENTRY DEADLINE for this show will be SEPTEMBER 17, 2019.

    ALL ENTRY FORMS must be IN the office ON OR BEFORE this date.

    Visit the Events page for more info.

  • NALC has launched a PayPal account! Visit our Contact page to sign up.


About NALC

The National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas, Inc. (NALC) is a non-profit organization. It began in 1977 to ensure the continuing line of pure-bred Louisiana Catahoulas, through a program of breeding and registration. This act of preservation for this unique part of Louisiana heritage recognizes the Louisiana Catahoula as the only breed of dog which historically originated in the State of Louisiana. On July 9, 1979, then Gov. Edwin Edwards signed a Bill into Law which was passed by the Louisiana Legislature, making NALC the propagator of – The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, The Official State Dog of Louisiana.


“Not everyone needs a Catahoula.”

— NALC’s Motto