Frequently Asked Questions: Application & Registration Forms

If you do not understand something or have any further questions that are not answered here, please call our office.  We will be happy to help you and give you the information you need.  We are in the office Monday thru Thursday, 9:00-4:00, Central Time (Closed:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  Thank you.

"Do I have to send in the original forms?"
-  Yes, you must send in the original NALC forms that you received 

"How do I list my dog's color on the registration form?"
-  If you lost your dog, how would you describe it to someone in order to find it?  Start off by listing the most prominent color and pattern first, then work your way down to the trim color, or the color you see the least.  Please see the Coat & Eye Colors section of our website for common Catahoula coat colors. If your dog's coat does not fit the examples provided, please attach a note to your registration form along with a picture showing the true colors and we will color your dog for you.

"Do I need to include pictures with my puppy registration / litter application / transfer papers?"
-  Yes, you must include pictures with the papers that you send in.  For puppy registration papers, we require a front view picture that includes the head and eyes, and a side view picture.  If one side of your dog is completely different than the other, please include pictures of both sides.  For litter application papers, we require a picture of the mother with ALL of her puppies, a picture of the male puppies, and a picture of the female puppies.  For transfers, we require a current picture of the dog being transferred so we can verify that it is the same dog as the one on the corresponding original registration paper.

"Do both parents need to be NALC-registered in order to register a litter with NALC?"
-  Yes, both parents must have NALC registration papers.  No exceptions.

"Do I need to name my dog before sending in the registration papers?"
-  Yes, you must provide a call-name for your dog before sending in the papers.  Keep the name short and provide only the name that you call your dog.  If there is a name already typed on your papers by NALC, it is a Kennel name and it will be included in your dog's registered name. 

"How do I fill in the Sire's information on my litter application papers?"
-  To fill in the Sire's information on your litter application, you will need to look at his Gold Certificate.  From there, take the dog's name and NALC registration number from the first column of the Gold Certificate and fill in the middle column on the litter application with that information, along with the owner's name.  Then, take the information from the second column of the Gold Certificate (the Sire and Dam) and fill in the third column of the litter application with that information.

"Where do I send my papers to?"
-  All correspondents must be sent in to the P.O. Box listed on our “Contact” page. 

"How long does it take for me to get my final papers back once I send them in?"
-  A litter application is usually processed within 2 weeks of receiving.  Litter registration papers (puppy papers) and transfers are usually processed within 4-8 weeks.  If there are issues with the papers (i.e. missing payments, pictures, information), it may take longer.

"How can I pay for my application / registration / membership?" - NALC accepts Checks, Credit Cards, U.S. Money Order, U.S. Currency, or PayPal. Sending foreign currency, declined credit cards, or unpaid PayPal invoices will result in a delay of processing your paperwork. If you would like to use PayPal, please sign up on our Contact page.

  • Please be aware - not all Catahoulas are NALC-registered.  If you are wanting an NALC-registered Catahoula, be sure to ask the owner for proof of registration before making your purchase.