A Little NALC History

NALC, founded in 1977, is an organization with many volunteer workers. Its main function is the registration of pure bred Louisiana Catahoulas; not the registration of all leopard or spotted dogs, but to keep accurate records on the offsprings of our own Louisiana canine ancestors.

Record keeping is the main function of NALC. Registration certificates, puppy papers, and litter applications  are what NALC is all about. We can also help people find the right Louisiana Catahoula for their special needs by putting them in touch with an NALC breeder that has that type of dog or puppy to sell. The office also spends time talking some people out of the idea that they want a Catahoula. NALC’s motto is “not everyone needs a Louisiana Catahoula” and we stand by that fact.

But just for fun… and in the interest of preserving a working breed, NALC sponsors Instinct Trials and Obedience Trials in Louisiana as well as a number of other states. NALC also has sanctioned events in foreign countries.  

Not everyone that owns a Louisiana Catahoula has stock for their dogs to work or hunt, so we also sponsor Dog Shows with Jr. Showmanship and Conformation classes. They are well attended; two hundred or more Louisiana Catahoulas are on the show grounds and a large number of states are always represented. There are also some Rare Breed Shows sanctioned by NALC. All must be judged by the Official Standard of the Louisiana Catahoula which was written by NALC Certified Breeders in early 1984 and is an important factor in both judging and breeding, for now and in the future.

Although the Louisiana Catahoula can be shown in some rare breed shows and some miscellaneous breed classes, they are not accepted in all registries. We are not working toward that aim. We hold a uniqueness that is all our own. The bill which made the Louisiana Catahoula “The Louisiana State Dog”, signed on July 9, 1979, made the NALC registered dogs the only true Louisiana State Dog. A uniqueness we aim to keep with pride and honor.

We are very proud and pleased to be an important part of preserving our Louisiana canine heritage and to be in the middle of Louisiana history in the making.

Let us all remember, our junior owners are our future preservers of this legacy.