Frequently Asked Questions: General Information

If you do not understand something or have any further questions that are not answered here, please call our office.  We will be happy to help you and give you the information you need.  We are in the office Monday thru Thursday, 9:00-4:00, Central Time (Closed:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  Thank you.

"I am looking for a puppy / dog. Where can I find one? Can you help me?"
- Please call our office or send us a request in writing. We can provide you with a list of puppies available in your area.

"I would like to attend an NALC show.  How can I get information on them?"
-  We have shows in the Fall and in the Spring.  The dates are listed on the Events page on our website. Please call the office and we can provide you with the details for each show.

"I have heard about other ‘NALC registered only’ shows on Facebook / Catahoula websites. Are these official NALC- sanctioned shows?" - No. NALC does not recognize or approve any shows that are not listed on our website ( NALC also does not make any announcements on its Facebook page.

"I have a complaint about a breeder / someone I am dealing with.  What do I do?"
-  All complaints / issues must be submitted to us in writing.  We will not accept this information over the phone.

  • Please be aware - not all Catahoulas are NALC-registered.  If you are wanting an NALC-registered Catahoula, be sure to ask the owner for proof of registration before making your purchase.