(A Little Something Extra)

Most Louisiana Catahoulas are spotted up, known as Leopard in coloring. Some have 2 to 5 different colors in their coat, with one base coat color and contrasting spots and trim color. Others may be almost a solid color, with a little white on the chest, face and/or legs.

Their webbed toes help the dogs walk easily in the swampland’s mud as well as snow covered land. They are excellent swimmers. The Catahoula keeps growing and maturing until about 2 years old, but it usually starts working like an adult at 9 to 10 months. Something to remember- just because they start to work like full grown dogs and look full grown, they are not - they are still pups. Don’t over-work them. It could cause them to have a case of burn-out at an early age. Make things FUN.

This versatile dog can be trained for almost any purpose, from hunting to working stock. Basically, the dog wants to please its owner. This, being with its natural instincts, makes training a matter of getting the pup’s attention, then teaching it basic obedience. Catahoulas develop their own style of working – it is bred in them. They work on both sight and sound and are excellent field trial dogs. A kind word and a pat on the head will be reward enough for the Catahoula to try its best for its owner.

This dog is second to none as a head - stock and hunting dog.  It works well with both gentle and wild stock. It is strong, very active, has natural instincts and a working style all its own. It needs space to run and things to do to keep it busy.  A Louisiana Catahoula needs to have a job!